Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution


  • Always maintain your motor vehicle and its exhaust silencer in
    proper condition.
  • Ensure that your Diesel Generator Set is provided with acousticenclosure which gives a reduction of a minimum 25 dBA
    (as per the provisions of the Govt. of India notification GSR 371(E),
    dated May 17, 2002.
  • Ask for copy of valid type approval certificate from the
    dealer while purchasing portable petrol/kerosene generator
    sets (as per Govt. of India notification viz. GSR 742(E),
    dated September 25, 2000, which prescribes noise
    standards for petrol/kerosene generator sets).
  • Keep the volume of the loudspeaker or sound amplification
    system low so as not to annoy your neighbors.
  • Ensure that the sound from your music system is played at volume which does not disturb your neighbor.
  • Play fire-crackers only outdoors in large open areas and community level.
  • Purchase only those fire-crackers that comply the noise standards as provided by the Govt. of India regulation GSR 682(E), dated October 5, 1999.


  • Avoid using horns except at emergencies.
  • Avoid use of multi toned/air horns in your vehicle.
  • Do not install Diesel Generator Sets without prior approval of the competent authority, if required by local laws.
  • Avoid use of loudspeaker in the open.
  • Do not use loudspeaker or any sound amplification system between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M., except in closed premises.
  • Do not make your neighbor a captive listener to your music system.
  • Do not play fire-crackers between 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.