Let’s Start from Home:


  • Use mug instead of running tap while brushing teeth.
  • While watering plants, instead of running hose, use water cane.
  • Use a toilet flush which consumes less water.
  • Carry cloth, jute or paper bag to the market.
  • Use dustbin for garbage disposal.
  • Plant a garden. Even in urban settings, you can grow herbs
    and flowers in pots.
  • Wear extra-layer of clothes at home instead of turning up
    the heater.
  • While shaving, use mug instead running hose.
  • If you have a choice, pick paper bags over plastic bags
    at the grocer and elsewhere if you do take plastic bags, wash
    and reuse them. 


  • While taking bath, don’t use shower run for long.
  • Don’t allow water overflow from the over head tank.
  • Don’t buy loud crackers during Deepawali.
  • For washing floor, Don’t use running hose use mop and bucket.
  • Don’t junk things break rather think to fix them.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of lights and fans.
  • Don’t louder the volume of your TV, radio and music system.
  • Never leave food residue in your plate uneaten.
  • Don’t over packaged’ goods and foods. Containers and packaging make up about a quarter of the waste stream.