Noise Monitoring


Nagaland Pollution Control Board has been conducting ambient noise level monitoring during Deepavali festival regularly for the past few years as per the Central Pollution Control Board directives. The ambient noise level monitoring are conducted on pre-Deepavali and Deepawali day.

The study are conducted on six locations at Dimapur from 18:00 hours to 24:00 hours. Due to shortage of equipments, noise monitoring could not be conducted continuously at each location. Short duration monitoring of approximately 15 minutes at each location by two groups/team are carried out.

The list of locations where noise monitoring is conducted is given below:


Sl. No. Location address Latitude Longitude Category of Area/Zone
1 Bata Charali 25o 54’ 33.2” N 93o 43’ 36.4” E Commercial
2 Bank Colony 25o 54’ 26.8” N 93o 44’ 06.4” E Residential
3 Zion Hospital 25o 54’ 56.4” N 93o 44’ 51.7” E Silence Zone
4 Duncan Basti 25o 54’ 38.3” N 93o 42’ 14.4” E Residential
5 City Tower 25o 54’ 41.4” N 93o 43’ 13.0” E Commercial
6 District Hospital, Dimapur 25o 54’ 17.5” N 93o 43’ 56.1” E Silence Zone